Chunky Knit Blanket Care Instructions

For Light Maintenance at Home:

  • Use a handheld vacuum with an upholstery attachment to remove pet hair and dirt.
  • Spot clean with a damp rag and mild soap, let air dry.
For Heavy or Soiled Spots:
  • Machine wash cold with mild laundry detergent
  • Tumble dry with low heat
  • Lay blanket on flat surface and let air dry for the remainder.
  • Adjust weaving, tighten loose weaves, and loosen tight weaves while blanket is laid on a flat surface.

 CAUTION: Blanket is VERY HEAVY (especially when wet) and could cause home appliances to be thrown off balance and may cause damage.

Large commercial appliances such as those in a laundry facility (laundromat) is recommended due to the size and weight of the blanket.

Dry cleaning is recommended for heavier stains and odors.