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ColeyBear | BRAND NEW Chunky Knit Weighted Blanket for Anxiety (Light Grey)

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Looking for the warmest and heaviest chunky knit blanket? The search is over! ColeyBear’s Weighted Knit Yarn Blanket is the ultimate blanket to keep you warm, cozy, and sleeping soundly all year round.

Experience Better Sleep All Year Round

ColeyBear’s weighted knit blankets are designed to help deliver the right amount of weight to calm your mind and engage your body in deep relaxation. Our luxe and thick knit blanket is made with premium materials that offer a weighted sensation of 20 pounds, to help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep throughout the night, and wake up feeling refreshed the next morning. Improve your sleep and mood today!

Ultra Warm and Luxuriously Soft

Each handmade chunky throw blanket has been woven into warmth that will last through your coldest days and nights. Turn up the heat under these massive blankets and feel how our quality, weighted throw feels extra lush and buttery soft on the skin. Each beautifully crafted piece is made with thick cable-knit yarn that is fantastic for snuggling in.

Made with the Softest Polyester Shell

Chilly nights will never feel the same again with this throw! Never worry about shedding or pilling, because our high-quality polyester shell ensures long lasting durability. We strive to offer large quality throw blankets that blow all competition out of the water.

Chic and Functional Throw - Wrapped in color and warmth, these massive throw blankets are beautiful boho decor pieces that will bring a touch of luxury into your home, as well as comfort on colder nights. Available in Light Grey, Cream, and Navy Blue.

A Gift Worth Sharing - Get ColeyBear’s beautifully crafted weighted blanket to create lasting memories for your loved ones' homes and share it as a gift! This trendy present is a showstopper with its irresistibly soft texture and stylish design.Rest better and make your home extra cozy with ColeyBear’s Chunky Knit Weighted Blanket.

Get yours today!